Customer’s Responsibility

JVS Responsibilities checklist:

  • Install Software
  • Configure Software
  • Provide Training for unto 3 staff (10 hours)
  • Provide technical support to clients via HelpDesk
  • Provide updates for software every 6-12 month cycle
  • Investigate an issue and give suggestion of solution

Clients Responsibilities Check-list:

  • Provide hardware (servers) based on our specifications provided
  • Have knowledge in Unix, Linux, VoIP, SIP , H.323, TCP/UDP
  • Server Administration and Space maintenance
  • Hardware Failure replacements
  • Server security against attacks, (JVS ¬†recommends external firewall & not to give up root passwords to third party)
  • Buy & Sell VoIP Services to his clients
  • Deal with Suppliers and manage your own rate sheets

JVS Solutions S.A.L is not responsible for any hardware failure issues, issues caused by weak security on server or not putting system behind firewall.


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