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JVS Softswitch 2.1

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Version 2.1 of JVS Softswitch has been released and is available immediately to new and existing clients. The main changes in the new release are:

  • Improvements in the redundancy and failover system.
    • Hot stand-by and automatic failover support for multiple environments.
    • Initial support for two-node clustering.
  • Scalability improvements. Effective use of up to 16-way SMP systems with up to 7,000-1,000 concurrent calls per node.
  • Monitoring & resilience improvements. More potential problems detected and reported.
  • Additional Class 5 features.
    • Do Not Disturb (DND);
    • Follow-me;
    • Anonymous calling;
    • Voicemail dial-in access;
    • Supplementary service codes support.
  • PBX/Business features. Conferencing support.
  • DID Managements. DID routing enhancements to support more business scenarios;
  • Billing. Flexible DID billing (monthly, per-minute or combined).
  • Payments.
    • Google Checkout payment processor support;
    • Authorize.Net payment processor support;
    • 3D-secure payments support for Turkish Garanti Bank payment processor.
  • Wholesale. Better overcommit protection for multiple levels of resellers.
  • User Interface. Numerous user interface improvements and new features.
  • Third-party integration interface (XMLRPC). More than 10 new functions to manage Conferencing, Rates, DIDs etc.
  • French Language support for IVR. The IVR engine has been extended to support French language. It is supported in all standard IVR applications – Calling Card, Voicemail, Callback etc.
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