Quality Based Routing-New !

Quality Based Routing

Each vendor connection can be automatically monitored on two parameters – ACD (average call duration) and ASR (average success rate). You can choose to monitor one of them or both. When a measured parameter exceeds a threshold then the connection can be either made the least preferred destination or can be completely disabled. Measuring of the quality is done using the “floating window” which consists of configurable number of calls.
Connection Quality Recovery Algorithm.

A bad quality connection is fully or partially disabled, so it is difficult to evaluate its current quality. To prevent an indefinite blocking the quality of a bad connections is periodically tested. After a configured interval of time the connection temporarily becomes good and a number of calls is sent to it. If the newly measured quality is good then the connection is unblocked, if not, the connection is blocked again to be tested later.
Quality Monitoring Tunables.

The Edit Vendor Connection form contains the following options that you can set manually.

* ACD Threshold – threshold in seconds. When measured value drops below this value then the connection is treated as bad.
* ASR Threshold – value in percents. If number of successfull calls becomes too low then the connection becomes bad.
* Statistics Window – the ACD and ASR values is measured based a given number of latest calls. This option is the number of last calls to measure.
* Retry Interval – This is the time in seconds after which the bad connection is tested if the quality became better.
* Retry Batch – This number of calls is tested to check the new quality of the connection.
* Bad Quality Action – You can choose to completely block the connection or make it least preferred one disregarding other routing parameters.
* Notify On Status Change – This causes a messages to be sent to the e-mail address of the root customer on each change of the status of a connection. The messages are sent only on real not temporary status changes.

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