JVS Softswitch 2.1

Version 2.1 of JVS Softswitch has been released and is available immediately to new and existing clients. The main changes in the new release are:

  • Improvements in the redundancy and failover system.
    • Hot stand-by and automatic failover support for multiple environments.
    • Initial support for two-node clustering.
  • Scalability improvements. Effective use of up to 16-way SMP systems with up to 7,000-1,000 concurrent calls per node.
  • Monitoring & resilience improvements. More potential problems detected and reported.
  • Additional Class 5 features.
    • Do Not Disturb (DND);
    • Follow-me;
    • Anonymous calling;
    • Voicemail dial-in access;
    • Supplementary service codes support.
  • PBX/Business features. Conferencing support.
  • DID Managements. DID routing enhancements to support more business scenarios;
  • Billing. Flexible DID billing (monthly, per-minute or combined).
  • Payments.
    • Google Checkout payment processor support;
    • Authorize.Net payment processor support;
    • 3D-secure payments support for Turkish Garanti Bank payment processor.
  • Wholesale. Better overcommit protection for multiple levels of resellers.
  • User Interface. Numerous user interface improvements and new features.
  • Third-party integration interface (XMLRPC). More than 10 new functions to manage Conferencing, Rates, DIDs etc.
  • French Language support for IVR. The IVR engine has been extended to support French language. It is supported in all standard IVR applications – Calling Card, Voicemail, Callback etc.


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