JVS Beyond Ping…

JVS Beyond Ping is an automatic VoIP Testing solution allows Operator to perform automatic 24/7 closed-loop testing and monitoring of all components and interconnects of VoIP network. The software can send automatic alerts via E-Mail or SMS when some of tests start failing. This allows network administrators to take prompt actions to fix the issue in question as early as possible, often even before users notice the problem. The software also keeps track of vital network statistics, such as carriers PDD times and failure rate, helping business owners optimising their network and making right business decisions.

The current version is ready to go and can be integrated with any third party soft-switches , we will be updating this post with extra customisation for TELES Products like I-Gate & V-Gate Gateways.

If you have any suggestion or purchase requests for this module please contact us at info@joodvs.com .

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