JVS Capacity Per Server?


> 4,000 simultaneous calls (per server).

Hardware needed:

he hardware requirements would depend on the amount of traffic you are planning to handle. In general we recommend the following specifications for peak performance and reliability. This configuration should be sufficient to handle up to 3,000 simultaneous calls:

  • Good, modern server-grade hardware from a reputable vendor (Dell, IBM, etc);
  • SMP system with at least 4 CPU cores in total (2x Dual Core or 1x Quad Core, Xeon 53xx, 54xx or 55xx), 2.4GHz or better;
  • 4GB of RAM for 32-bit version or 8GB for 64-bit version;
  • 10,000 RPM or faster SAS hard drives in RAID0+1, RAID1, or RAID5 configuration. The recommended minimum capacity of the RAID array is 70GB with at least 2 drives and a good hardware RAID controller is suggested.

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