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To run any VoIP network operation it is important that your support engineers and technical team to have basic knowledge of SIP Protocol, we have reviewed a few sources and would like to introduce the evaluated one to learn SIP protocol and understand the security and components involved in a VoIP Network.

Please visit to watch demo and you can purchase course online and get the certification for your team.

The SIP School prides itself on its ability to provide first class education on SIP and VoIP along with industry recognized Certifications. Our main objectives are to teach not only theory and practice of these subjects but to help students gain a greater confidence so that as these protocols evolve students are not afraid to work with new functionality.

When it comes to other companies that manufacture SIP enabled equipment and provide SIP services, then The SIP School stands firm in its ‘no favourite’ policy as all of these companies are favourites. If you are working with SIP then we are positive that by working with The SIP School you can help your staff develop their knowledge to be better able to support your own clients with your own products and services. In fact, a lot of companies us our SIP and VoIP training to complement their own ‘product specific’ courses.

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