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JORDAN/AMMAN, July 8th, 2009 – JVS Carrier Grade Solutions (Powered by Jood Telecom Group), a leading Telecommunication provider, today announced a strategic co-operation agreement with Jordan telecoms service provider DamaMax Telecom & Technologies (N.E.U) chooses JVS Soft-switch as the primary Voice Solution for DamaMax NGN network and to extend security, high availability, connectivity, redundancy and resilience for JVS NGN Telecom Solutions customers with a home data center for J.V.S Solutions (Session Controllers , Telecommunication Blling Systems , Managed Services , Carriers Interconnect , Traffic Ex-Change , Broad Band Telephony).

DAMAMAX has been granted an individual license by Jordan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission for the purpose of delivering state-of-the-art, reliable, cost-effective data, Internet and transmission services to the MENA market based on an initial investment of US $20 million.

As part of the move, DAMAMAX has signed an agreement to utilize NEPCO’s (National Electric & Product Company) spare fiber-optic capacity in the provision of next-generation networking based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology and Internet services via various international access routes. In addition, DAMAMAX has signed another agreement with Jordan’s Ministry of Information & Communications Technology to benefit from a national optical fiber project between Amman and Aqaba.

About DAMAMAX Telecom & Technologies

DAMAMAX Telecom & Technologies, A wholly-owned subsidiary of DAMAMAX Venture Groups LTD. NTT was granted the individual license from Jordan’s Telecommunication Regulatory Commission for the purpose of delivering state of art, reliable, cost effective Data and Internet services to the Jordanian market. NTT is going to be the first company in Middle East utilizing the dark fiber installed over the high tension towers spread all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with initial investment of USD 20 million. NTT’s 100% fiber DWDM core based network, Built on latest, state of art technology is capable of providing high performance service solutions .The network supports all applications With MPLS IP VPN combining the flexible connectivity and scalability of IP-based services with the security, privacy and quality of ATM and frame relay. NTT network supports a portfolio of integrated Communications solutions that includes fiber transmission, IP transit, MPLS-VPN, ATM/frame relay, as well as voice services.

About JVS Solutions.

JVS Solutions is a development company Powered by Jood Telecom Group focusing on developing a carrier-grade session border controllers and Telecom billing solutions that provides a signal interface between multiple IP networks for delivery end-to-end VoIP communications. JVS enables safe and secure interconnection with customers and peering partners, our security features  protects your network from unauthorized access and Dos attacks, provides reliable and cost effective control of VoIP that goes through your network. please go to www.joodvs.com .

About Jood Telecom Group.

Jood Telecom Group (Ziadah & Jamous Co.) is a leading Telecomminication Service Provider & System Integrator based in Amman , Jordan with offices in U.S.A & Brazil , Jood Telecom was established in 1998 and brought the VoIP Technology & Broad Band Services to the Jordnian Market – Jood Telecom was granted the Class Liscnese from Jordan’s Telecommunication Regulatory Commission for the purpose of delivering state of art, reliable, cost effective VoIP & Internet Services.

Jood Telecom Group System Integration Team has provided over 300 Service providers around the globe with  its NGN Solutions & Technical Consultancy offering  the best, most profitable and cost-effective infrastructure solutions to offer IP Voice Interconnects to the wholesale & Retail market as quickly and efficiently as possible while providing the highest levels of quality and security.

Jood Telecom Ex Change (www.joodxchange.com) : Jood-X-Change’s mission is to provide the trading platform where virtually any digital good can be traded , Jood-X-Change has provided a leading marketplace for IP transit and paid peering. More than 100 Carriers and content sites buy, sell, deliver and settle IP transit and peering. Jood-X-Change Members operates in more than 40 global broadband networks , Jood Ex-Change has been providing the Fixed line & GSM operators the ideal solution to offer TDM (SS7) & IP Voice Interconnects to the whole sale market as quickly and effiently as possible using Jood Ex-Change infrastructure in Jordan , USA , Brazil.

Jood Telecom Support Center: Jood Suport (http://joodsupport.helpserve.com) mission is to provide an online library and knowledge base for Telecommunication Operators around the globe along with commercial Quick Support on most common Telecommunciation hardware and software , Jood Support is not just a paid support service its also an open knowledge base and forum for the telecommunications service provider community – offering 24/7 Quick Support and HelpDesk available in (Arabic , English , Turkish , Spanish , Portoguese).

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