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Installation – ISO Burning

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Media Preparation

Installation is a process of installing the software on target hardware platform. The installer installs everything necessary to run the softswitch, which includes operating system, all software components and necessary configuration files. It consists of the few simple steps outlined below.

First thing to do is to prepare installation media, which could be either CD or DVD. To do so download the ISO image file, save it on the local computer and burn it to the blank CD or DVD media using your favorite CD-burning software. Example or such software is Nero Burning ROM on Windows. Make sure to enable “Check Disk After Burning” option (or equivalent) to make sure the data can be read back from the CD.
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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

The hardware requirements would depend on the amount of traffic you are planning to handle. In general we recommend the following specifications for peak performance and reliability. This configuration should be sufficient to handle up to 3,000 simultaneous calls:

  • Good, modern server-grade hardware from a known vendor (Dell, IBM,HP).
  • 8 GB Ram.
  • 2x SAS Drives with at least 10k RPM – 2×300 GB Raid 1 , Raid 10 config with battery cache enabled (recommended).
  • 1x SAS drive with 1 TB space to store sip logs , db backups.
  • Quad Core processor.
  • External Firewall (Recommended).
  • Cross Cable.
  • Data Centre ready environment for the equipment.
  • KVM Over IP Access (Recommended).
  • 3 Public IP-addresses (Recommended for replication setup ).

Note: JVS Softswitch needs 2 servers , one for primary and second in standby mode with same configuration as primary , the replication server can be used for database replication and offline reporting.

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