About JVS Softswitch

JVS Softswitch

JVS Solutions was founded in 2005 with the objective developing the highest quality carrier-grade session border controllers and billing solutions, JVS delivers best-of-breed VOIP systems which are fully interoperable with established VOIP standards. We thrive on meeting the requirements of customers with high-volume, high-demand VOIP networks, striving to ensure our customers are not only “satisfied” but so pleased with JVS products and support that they enthusiastically recommend us to associates throughout the industry.  A signal interface between multiple IP networks for delivery end-to-end VoIP communications. JVS enables safe and secure interconnection with customers and peering partners, our security features protects your network from unauthorized access and Dos attacks, provides reliable and cost effective control of VoIP that goes through your network.

How did we come with an industry-leading solution in one of the hottest markets to materialize in the VOIP world in years?

JVS Solution came “Out of nowhere“ as a part of Jood Telecom Group after JOOD VoIP Services (Retail & Wholesale) used a variety of solution in the market and was not satisfied with quality and cost that’s available in the market back in 2005, Business Development Director of Jood Telecom Group Mr.Ameed Jamous decided to start the JVS Project with the help of open source technology partners and development teams located around the world which helped making this dream come true in a very short amount of time.

JVS has been deployed globally to  Mobile Operators -Wholesale CarriersITSPs – Data Centers & Peering Providers , more details can be found on our website at our Partners Tab.

For more information please contact Info@joodvs.com .

View JVS Softswitch Terms & Conditions before purchasing.

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