The JVS (“SoftSwitch”) is a carrier-grade session border controller and billing solution that provides a single interface between multiple IP networks for delivery end-to-end VoIP communications.

We provide balanced package of solutions to meet he requirements of wholesale carriers and ITSPs, mobile carriers and PTTs.

JVS Softswitch series are targetly designed to provide wholesale carriers with flexible switching engine  that guarantees connectivity between -

multiple networks with employing a verity of protocols, while ensuring advanced network security, reliable quality of service and cost-effective routing management.

JVS Softswitch has a significant stride in amalgamating the strengths of its soft-switching products – such as robust capacity, huge variety of routing options, integrated billing, modularity and proven fault-balance -

to come up with a set of smart solutions that meet challenging requirements of wholesale carriers and ITSPs.


JVS enables safe and secure interconnection with customers and peering partners, protect your network from unauthorized access and Dos attacks, provide reliable and cost effective control of VoIP that goes through your network .

Scalable & Flexible

JVS Softswitch has been deployed in over 50 countries around the globe each deployment had a specific target market which has different needs , our team has gain enough experience to assist you on how to meet your market needs with our system.

JVS Softswitch can be integrated with any third party equipment using the XML RPC API protocol which allows you integrated services like SMS , MMS using third party SMS/MMS Software , integrating the system with SS7 networks to allow incoming and outgoing traffic from PSTN to VoIP and vice versa is been done and tested well by our engineers , JVS commercial team assists you to meet the world’s best hardware and software to meet your project needs at the price you have looking for.

JVS Softswitch SaaS

Softswitch-as-a-Service is a cost-effective way to license VoIP switching software. Instead of incurring hardware management and software maintenance expenses and substantial up-front investments, you can simply rent a fully maintained solution hosted in state-of-the-art data centers. With redundant hardware, guaranteed bandwidth and 24×7 monitoring you can focus on what’s essential — achieving your business goals.

You can start with our cheapest plan at $199.00 per month which includes 200 concurrent channels and all the features of the most expensive plan and upgrade when you’re ready to move to the next level.



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